Horse Passport is a digital horse management system developed in Australia that is aimed at all horse breeds - it requires a community of likeminded people who are actually interested in the welfare of the horse and have a willingness to actively contribute to the ongoing development and input of the design.

My role going forward would be to establish a forum and canvas ideas from all horse society representatives and members so their ideas and feedback can be applied to future releases.

Collectively we can participate in establishing a unified model for all horse breeds and provide a platform that will protect our horses and provide a single traceability system across Australia.

As we know, disease and the ease in which disease now spreads between humans and other animals is on the rise and we need to be proactive to ensure that we continue to improve and evolve our traceability processes aligned to technology advancements.

We have been involved in breeding horses for the past 20 years and they have given us so much joy, we thought it was time we did something for them, with over 40 years in the technology industry we merged both passions and here it is.

Horse Passport has been developed for horses and as owners we all know our participation is paramount to ensure their welfare. This is not a commercial venture, which is very much reflected in the inexpensive license pricing model designed to self-fund costs associated with the hosting platform and the secure retention of data uploaded and consumed by the end users .

There are two versions of Horse Passport and both are available for iPhone and Android.

Horse Passport

Designed for a horse owner or a responsible party that is engaged to provide for the welfare of one or more horses, like a stud, farm, rescue centre, or private properties.

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Horse Passport SP

Designed for the Service Provider professionals that have and supply specialist skills; e.g., Vets, Farriers, Dentists, Transporters, Therapists, Educators and many more. Service Providers travel to many properties and interact with a myriad of facilities, horses and people

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